What is Truecaller App and How it Works

What is Truecaller App and How Truecaller Works

What is Truecaller App and How it Works
What is Truecaller App and How it Works
What is Truecaller App and How it WorksMany of you will hear the name of the Truecaller and not many. Besides, How Truecaller works, it may not even know about it, so in this post, we will learn from the full details of What is Truecaller App and How it Works.

Truecaller recognizes unknown numbers of the world's no. 1 application i.e. using Truecaller we can learn about almost any unknown number.

What is Truecaller App

Truecaller is made by Sweden's True Software Scandinavia AB company.

This is an application that has the details of almost every mobile number. This is the top application in the caller identification service.

Truecaller gives information about the name and location of calls from unknown numbers whose information is not in our Phonebook.

If we have a call from a number that is not in the contact list of our phones and we want to know about that number, the tracker can get information about it. Truecaller can also call world's phone number directory.

This app not only identifies unknown number but also comes with many such smart features such as spam filter, call blocking, which can be very helpful for a mobile user.

To find out about the caller from Truecaller, this app needs to be installed in your mobile otherwise you will not be able to use these features from your mobile.

Now let us know how the Truecaller works and how does the information about all the numbers come to this application and how it provides us information about that number.

How Truecaller Works

If you are a bit cautious about your privacy then you should know about who gives information about our mobile number to the tractor and where does this bring us the information related?

You may find it a little strange to know that the data of Truecaller mobile number is taken by us.

When a user downloads the download and installs the tractor in his mobile, the Truecaller asks for permission to contact permission. If the user does not merge the permit of the contact list, then he will not be able to use this app. All contact contacts available on mobile will be synchronized on the server of the contact list.

In this way, all the contacts of the person who uses the Tracroller are known to the Tractorolor and on the basis of that database, the tractor provides us information about unknown numbers.

So we can say that Truecaller's data is based on exchanges because if you want to know about a number from Truecaller, then you have to give details of your contact list to Truecaller.

If you take a new number, then its details will go to the Truecaller only when you are saved by a person who uses the Truecaller otherwise.

Some important questions related to Truecaller

Truecaller is a well-known app but you must know these things related to it.

1. Is using Truecaller right?

It depends on you whether you want to use it or not. By the way, if a person has your mobile number that uses the tractor, your contact details will be available to the tractor.

Also, SMS, user information, etc. Has access to.

If you are cautious about your privacy, then before using it, you must read its privacy policy and use it only when you agree with the privacy policy.

2. Is there any premium version of this?

Yes, it comes in both free and premium versions.

The free version has advertisements with limited features, while premiums do not offer ads with extra features.

3. Can we change my name in Truecaller?

Yes, you can change your name in it, but for that, you have to download the tractor.

In Conclusion:

If you want to avoid identifying unknown numbers, avoid spam SMS, then the Truecaller app is the option that you can use.

Hope you guys this article What is Truecaller App and How it Works would have liked. If you have any questions/suggestions related to it, then definitely ask in the comment box.

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How To Monetize UC News Account

How To Monetize UC News Account Online

How To Monetize UC News Account
How To Monetize UC News Account
How To Monetize UC News Account: UC News Online is a very good medium for earning. When we monetize UC News Account, UC News shows ads on our articles, so that we can earn Earning from our articles.

Online Earning There are lots of options for which there are mostly Fake but UC News Online Earning is not a Fake Way or News. You can earn Earning Online by Monetizing your UC News Account in Real. "How To Monetize UC News Account"

So if you want to earn online then UC News is the Best Option for you. You can earn Earning Online by creating your account at UC News.

There are some terms & conditions for monetizing the account on UC News, which we can complete, after which we can monetize our UC News Account.

How To Monetize UC News Account Terms & Condition

To Monetize Your UC News Account you should be 7 Days old Account, meaning that you will be able to monetize UC News Account within a week after you create your account.

You must have at least 1000+ views on anyone Post or Video that has been published on your UC News.

When your UC News Account is 7 Days old and one of your posts will have 1000 Views, then you can apply for your UC News Account to Monetize.

How To Monetize UC News Account

For UC News Account to Apply Monetization, you have to follow some Basic Steps and apply for your UC News Account Monetize.
How To Monetize UC News Account

01:- Login to UC News Account.

To login to UC News Account, open UC News Official Website and open your account with your Login Id and Password.

02:- After clicking Login, click on " Income" option.
How To Monetize UC News Account

03:- Now there will be a Page Open like the image above. In this page, you have to click on the option of " Ad Monetization ".
How To Monetize UC News Account

04:- After clicking on the Ad Monetization Option, you will have a new page open with the UC News Program Terms & Conditions. That's why once you read those terms and conditions properly.

05:- After reading Terms & Condition, you will see an option of " I have read and accept " in front of that option, a small box is given, click on that box. And click on Apply Button.

In this way, you can apply your Monetization of your UC News Account. It takes some time for UC News Account to be monetized so the account can take 24 hours or more for monetize.

In Conclusion:

UC News Online is one of the best ways to earn Earning and we hope that after reading this article, you may have understood how you can monetize UC News Account.

Now if you have any more questions, then please tell us in the Comment Box. We will try to reply to you quickly and answer your question. "How To Monetize UC News Account".

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7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter

Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter

7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter
7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter
If you do not promote your blog then how will people know about your content. Blog promotion is important for bringing traffic to the blog. In today's episode, we will know 7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter.

Twitter has a very big user base and millions of users remain active on this platform. If you use Twitter to create the right strategy for your blog, then it can be very important to increase traffic on the blog.

There are many bloggers who are using Twitter to get the targeted audience to get traffic on their blogs so you should also understand the importance of Twitter for your blog and start using it.

If you work smartly, you can make your Twitter profile a traffic generating key.

Top 7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter

1. Increase Followers

To get traffic from Twitter to your blog, it's important to have followers on your Twitter handle first.

To maximize your followers on Twitter, try the way you find people related to the niche of your blog. If your blog is of fashion category then your followers should be interested in fashion. This will give your blog a lot of benefits.

If your followers are going to want content on your blog then it will be a great benefit to you and these people will visit your blog and spend time.

When a great fan on your Twitter account is the follow-up, it is certain that whenever you share a link to your blog post on Twitter, a lot of them will visit your blog.

2. Follow competitors

Follow competitors on Twitter or those who are at the top position with your blog niche. If your blog is related to Blogging and SEO then follow people like Harsh Agarwal, who is at the top of this field, follow them.

Also, follow the users who come to your blog niche and tweet your competitors / same field's blog post.

With this, they will start to know about you and your blog/website and if they like your posts then they also tweet your blog post.

This is a good strategy that every blogger should follow Twitter to increase traffic on the blog, and this method is quite popular and helpful.

Pro TipIf you follow new bloggers instead of following old bloggers on Twitter, then it can be a plus point for you. This will increase the followers on your Twitter because when you follow the new bloggers they will be happy and in return, you will also be following. This is a great tip for Twitter to increase traffic on blogs.

3. Pin Your Blog Post

If you want to get traffic on a particular blog post then pin that post to your Twitter account. Whenever a visitor visits your Twitter account, it will first look pinned tweet.

You can keep a link to your recent blog post or any other popular blog post as a pinned tweet.

If you are active on Twitter and there are quite a few followers on your twitter handle, then this method will definitely send traffic to your blog via twitter.

4. Add Blog Link to Twitter

You can add Bio to your Twitter account attractive and add something about your blog in it.

There is also an option to link the website to Twitter. Therefore, you must link your blog or website URL to a Twitter account as well.

The advantage of this is that whenever a user visits the twitter profile, it is likely that they also visit your blog.

5. Use Pin to Tweet in the blog post

This method is quite popular nowadays and Famous bloggers like Brian Dean are also using it.

By using the pin to tweet in the blog post, we give our users the opportunity to tweet the content directly from the post.

If you are a WordPress user then you can use click to tweet plugin and if you are not on WordPress then you can use that post by visiting the ClickToTweet website and generating a custom link for the favorite part of your blog post.

6. Use #Hashtags

A lot of people go to search in the search box on Twitter, so when you share your blog post on Twitter, use the appropriate hashtags.

You must use the main keyword of your blog post as a Hashtag.

7. Become Active on Twitter

Become an Active on Your Twitter Account Use of Twitter is not just to increase traffic on the blog, that is, to post links to blog posts.

Understand the value of Followers and do some interesting and creative work for them.

If you have mentioned about a blogger in your blog post, you can also tag it while sharing the link on Twitter, but keep in mind that you are not scamming.

In Conclusion

Hope you guys liked this post, in which we have learned about the 7 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic from Twitter. Now you might have understood that not using Twitter to post a link to the post. If you work creatively, then it can increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent. We can also call it the power of social media.

If you have any other tips to increase Twitter traffic on the blog besides this, then definitely tell.

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What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use

What is Alexa Ranking

What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use
What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use
The first step in the world of blogging is the foundation for our next journey. In such a situation, we have to face many problems and new challenges in keeping this foundation. In all of these challenges, we have to learn to use many SEO tools which are very important for our blog or website.

It is often seen that in the beginning we do not understand the importance of all SEO Tools or use the wrong SEO Tools, which makes us very difficult to move forward and the hard work gets worse. In this way, we recommend using the Ahref Tool, which is very important in introducing a new direction to your blogging career.

It is not possible to talk about all the tools in an article but today we will tell you What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use What does Alexa Ranking depend on? How to improve Alexa Ranking?

What is Alexa Ranking of Blogs?

In fact, Alexa Ranking Amazon ( Amazon 's) ranking was made by the company is a tool which your website can help your country and globally Czech. It gives you Growth details of your website almost daily. That is, what rank are you in your country and what is the rank of your website in the world, you check with Alexa Ranking.

Not just the website's ranking, but it also shows you the average Bounce Rate of your website as well as how much time is spending on your website, seeing what you can predict to improve your website. For which direction work is necessary first.

Here, you get more links to your website, which are working only on keywords like yours, so you can easily compare their website and your website.

We believe that the Growth chart associated with the Alexa Ranking website shows that it is extremely important to motivate a new blogger. Because we see our result from this and we know how we are working or how much improvement we need.

Improving day-to-day rankings encourages us to do even more. And if your rankings are also falling then do not be frustrated and you continue to work to improve it. You will learn something new and you will go ahead.

To let you know, this tool is available both free and paid in order to check Alexa Ranking. You can choose them accordingly. There are some limitations in the free tool while you can get more details in the Paid Tool.

How to use the Alexa Ranking Tool?

If you are using Alexa Ranking Free Tool then you just have to search Alexa Site Ranking in Google, after which you will need to go to Alexa website and enter the URL of your website and all the details of the website like Global Ranking, Country Ranking, Audience Location, Keywords, Competitor Sites will arrive

If you want to use the Paid Alexa Ranking Tool, you have to differentiate your Mail Id by clicking on Create an Account. After which you have to set your password and submit your website URL further, you will be able to see all the details.

How to apply in Alexa Ranking Tool blog?

If you have to show Alexa ranking in your blog then you can easily paste the code given below to your website wherever you want it.

<a href=”https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/https://www.techbytk.com”><script type=”text/javascript”src=”https://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/t/a?url=https://www.techbytk.com”>

Remember, you have to set your website URL instead of techbytk.com.

Alexa Ranking Reviews

Talking about Alexa ranking reviews, many people consider it fake and do not give importance. Everyone has their own views on this, but there are some brands that assess your website only by Alexa rank. In such a situation, if you are making a mind to take a Sponsorship then there are chances that if your Alexa Rank is good, you will get it easily.

In Conclusion:

So, friends, you like What is Alexa Ranking and How to Use All information related to I hopes you have understood this very well. If you have any questions or thoughts in mind then do not forget to tell us in the comment box below.

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36 Interesting Facts about YouTube

Interesting Facts about YouTube

36 Interesting Facts about YouTube
36 Interesting Facts about YouTube
36 Interesting Facts about YouTube: YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform. Every internet user is familiar with YouTube, but there are so many interesting facts related to YouTube that you may not know about. In this post, we will talk about these and learn about 36 Interesting Facts about YouTube.

When YouTube was created, hardly anyone would have imagined that one day YouTube would be the second largest website in the world, but YouTube has a stalemate today.

As you all know, YouTube is a website owned by Google, where you can view videos, share them, and create videos for yourself by uploading videos.

Top 36 Interesting Facts about YouTube

1. YouTube was created by Chad Harley, Steve Chen and Javed Kareem in 2005.

2. Before making YouTube, these three employees used to work in Chad Harley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim Paypal.

3. There are two reasons for the idea of creating YouTube. One is that Harley and Chen were unable to share the dinner party's video due to email boundaries, and secondly when Javed Karim was unable to find any of Janet Jackson's videos online. In this way, they got the idea of making this video site.

4. The domain name YouTube.Com was registered on Valentine's Day i.e. 2005, i.e. 14th February.

5. This domain name of youtube.com has become the reason for Misunderstand with the domain utube.com of the Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment and people are searching for youtube.com at utube.com. Because of this, the company had to make utubeonline.com by changing its domain name.

6. The first video on YouTube was uploaded on April 23, 2005, at 8:27 PM In this 19-second video, YouTube co-founder Javed Kareem talks about elephant trunks. The title of this video was 'me at the zoo' and this video is still present on YouTube.

7. This first video uploaded on YouTube has 64 million views so far.

8. Google recognized the future of this video sharing website and purchased YouTube for $ 1.65 billion in November 2006.

9. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

10. Although YouTube is an American video sharing platform, 70% of its traffic comes from outside the USA.

11. The most viewed video on YouTube is Despacito. This is a music video that has 6.09 billion views.

12. The most watched video of the non-music category on YouTube is' Masha and the Bear - Recipe for Disaster Ep. 17 '. This is an animated video of 3.53 billion views in the Russian language.

13. If you talk about the most viewed videos on YouTube, then the music video is the most popular because of people like Entertainment category the most.

14. YouTube Rewind with more than fifteen million dislikes is 2018 most disliked video on YouTube.

15. Justin Bieber's baby song was the most dislike video before YouTube Rewind 2018 video.

16. There are over 1,000,000,000 views from mobile on YouTube in 1 day.

17. The longest video on YouTube is 596 hours 31 minutes and 21 seconds. You can watch this video by searching the longest video on Youtube on YouTube.

18. YouTube has started April Fools Pranks since 2008. In 2008, all the videos available on the main page were redirected to a music video that would open the music video when clicked on any video.

19. There were a billion scenes crossing video Gangnam Style on YouTube. This was the song of the South Korean musician Psy.

20. More than 300 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube in 1 minute.

21. YouTube is available in 89 countries and 76 different languages.

22. YouTube is the source of income for millions of creators i.e. they are earning money by working full time on YouTube.

23. T-series and pewdiepie on YouTube are the largest YouTube channel in terms of subscribers.

24. Batman is the most popular superhero on YouTube.

25. YouTube launched HD video in 2008 and full HD video feature in 2009.

26. YouTube's usage is increasingly increasing due to the increase in video content demand.

27. Men look more like YouTube than women.

28. The first video on YouTube with 1 million views was an Ad Video from Nike.

29. In 2007, the added feature was included on YouTube.

30. In 2007, British Prime Minister Tony Blair was the first leader of the YouTube channel.

31. According to a 2013 study, 60% of the Top 1000 YouTube videos are banned in Germany.

32. YouTube is banned in China since 2009 because China has strong restrictions on publishing the video.

33. The program that examines copyright content on YouTube is called Automated Content ID.

34. Despecito is the most searched video on YouTube, 32 million likes After this, See You Again is a music video.

35. In YouTube, we can see 360 videos. If you have not seen any such video then just search in YouTube and search 360 videos and watch.

36. YouTube has a premium plan that can be used to view videos without advertisements. It is not available in all countries.

In Conclusion:

I believe that you may have learned all 36 Interesting Facts about YouTube. If you liked this post, then definitely share it on social media and if you have any question about this post then comment below.

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