How To Apply For AdSense Within One Day In Blogger

How To Apply For Adsense Within One Day In Blogger

If you want to apply for AdSense within just one day within Blogger, then do the same in your blogger as mentioned in the below given point. If you do the same as mentioned in the below given point, then you can apply for AdSense only in one day and together you will get the approval of AdSense as soon as possible. Read

How To Apply For Adsense Within One Day In Blogger

Apply For AdSense Within One Day In Blogger
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How to apply for AdSense in just 1 day within Blogger? 
1. To apply for AdSense within just 1 day within Blogger, first of all is required for a Top Level Domain, then first you buy a Top Level Domain. After buying Top Level Domain, connect it to your blog.
2. After adding domain to Blogger, you can write 10 to 15 posts in your blog and publish it. Your post should be 100 to 300 words.
3. After writing 10 to 15 posts, you will have to make some pages in your blog, then you can create a About Us, Contact Us page in your blog, apart from these, you can also create a Terms and Condensation and Privacy Policy page.
4. After creating the page, you have to use a theme for your blog, so whenever you use a theme, you have to be careful that your theme has a background color White Should be also, when you use a premium theme, apply it to AdSense only after purchasing that theme, or you use the free theme of Blogger. Apart from this, before applying in AdSense, you have to edit your theme well, remove any extra URL and link from your theme and edit your theme well. 
5. After making good edit of your theme, you have to go to the Blogger settings and turn on the HTTPS option. In Settings you will find two options within the HTTPS option, you have to pay YES in both options. 
6. After you've done all this, you submit your blogs Site map
7. After submitting Site map, you apply for AdSense.

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How to apply for AdSense?
 A.  In order to apply in AdSense, you must first log in to AdSense.
B. After logging into AdSense, you click on my ads option.
C. After that, you'll find the most options under my ads.
D. Then you will find "i will show ads on" in other products. In front of you there will be a bracket in which you will need to enter the URL of your blog. Like my websites URL is www.bindassfree.com Similarly, you must also write the URL of your blog or website.
E. After typing the URL, click Submit.
F. After clicking on Submit your blog will be reviewed, you will have to wait until your website is reviewed. After your website will be reviewed, then you will be given the approval of AdSense. After that you can place AdSense ads on your blog or website.

So from this fold you can apply for AdSense in just 1 day.

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