What is SEO - How to do SEO Settings in Blogger

What is SEO - How to do SEO Settings in Blogger

Hello friends, welcome to my Bindass blog. I'm making you what SEO is and I will also show you how to do SEO in Blogger. SEO means Search Engine Optimization SEO Web sites and blogs to optimization for search engine. SEO is a process by which Website and Blog can get High Rank in Search Engine Results with the help of Designing and Developing.
How to do SEO Settings in Blogger
SEO For Blogger

What is SEO - How to do SEO Settings in Blogger

How to improve SEO for Blogger: -

First you log in to Blogger. After that, open Blogger Settings
Now you will find Basic option in the heading under Title, click on Edit. After that, in the edit, you have to write a description of your blog. You can enter a description of up to 500 crores. Save it after entering the description. After that you will find the option named Search Preferences in Settings. You have to click on it. After that you will get an option in the Meta tags with the name of the description which you will get Disabled already, you have to click on Edit and click on Yes to enable it and then write down the description of your blog and save it. After that you have to enable Custom robots header tags. This is very important if you do not know about them, you should not use them.

What is SEO

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So first you have to enable your Custom robots header tags, click on Yes to enable, after which you have to select which options to select, that is what you have said in the manner below.
How SEO Settings in Blogger
SEO Setting

After doing all this, you can click Save Changes
Friends were the Basic SEO Settings for Blogger. If you liked this post, then please share it on Facebook and Google Plus.

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