How to link AdSense with a Bank Account

How to link Adsense with a bank account.

Hello friends, welcome to my blog, today we are going to talk about How to link Adsense with a Bank Account.

Before linking Adsense with a bank account, you should verify your address in your Adsense account so that you do not have any problem in the future.
How to link Adsense account with a bank account.
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After entering your address inside Adsense and verifying it, you have to enter your bank account details within Adsense. Only then will you be able to send your money to Adsense from a bank account. How to put the bank details inside an Adsense account and how to link Adsense with a bank account.
1. First of all, login to Adsense.
2. Then within Adsense, click on Settings and then click Payments.
3. Inside Payments, you will get the option of how you get paid in. You have to click on ADD PAYMENT METHOD.
4. After that, you have to enter the details of your bank such as Account Holder name, Bank name, IFSC, if you find these three details in your bank's passbook, then you can enter these three details by looking at the passbook.
5. After that, you have to enter the SWIFT CODE Swift Code will not be available in your bank's passbook. To know the swift code, you can either go to your bank and get to know about swift code or to find your bank's swift code online, you will get a link below the search swift code by clicking on it You can find your bank's Swift Code online only.

                                      Search Swift Code

How to link Adsense with a bank account

Note- Swift Code of all branches of banks is not available, so in this case, you have to go to your bank and ask what is your bank's Swift Code.
If your bank does not have Swift Code, then you can use the Swift Code of any other branch of the State to understand better, see the example given below.
Example - Let's say your bank account SBI
Please contact the bank for more information.

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6. After entering the Swift Code, you have to enter the account number, then click on Save.

7. After that, in Payment Methods, you will see the last 3 numbers of your bank account and your name and below you get written, click on None and then click on Primary, then it is enough to link your bank account with Adsense now As soon as you get $100 in your account, your money will be sent to your bank account.

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