Blogger vs WordPress, Best Blogging Platform

Blogger vs WordPress: and which is Best Blogging Platform

Hello friends welcome to my Blog, today we are going to talk about the Blogger vs WordPress, and which is Best Blogging Platform.
Best Blogging Platform
Blogger vs WordPress

Whenever you think of creating a new blog, the most confusing question remains, what is the best is Blogger or WordPress?

There are many platforms on the internet where you can create blogs such as WordPress, Blogspot or Blogger, Wix, Tumbler, Weebly etc. But WordPress and Blogger are among the most popular. Most people start their blogging career with Blogspot only because it is free and then migrate to Wordpress.

Blogger vs WordPress, Best Blogging Platform

I have told about some of the advantages and drawbacks of Blogger and Wordpress in this article that will help you to choose the right platform for your blog.

Advantages of Blogger

1. Blogger.com is a simple platform where you can create a blog and it is very easy to use and manage.
2. The best thing about Blogger is that you do not have to pay a single penny for hosting. It's absolutely free and you can create as many blogs as you like.
3. Blogger platform is a service of Google so that you will get the benefit of security provided by Google and you will not be able to hack your blog easily.
4. The entire data on your blog is hosted on Google's servers, due to this, your blog will not be slow in more traffic.
5. On the custom domain of Blogger, it provides you a free SSL certificate which you will have to purchase in WordPress.

Drawback of Blogger

1. Google has complete ownership of Blogger, due to which Google may delete your blog whenever possible.
2. You can never access the file in your blog's root folder, and its full control remains with Google.
3. SEO offers some limited features in Blogger, which makes blogger more time to rank in search engine.
4. You get limited features on Blogger, you have to work with it.

Advantages of WordPress

1. Wordpress gives you full control on your blog and you can also access the root folder of your blog.
2. Wordpress provides a lot of plugins for SEO so that you can improve your blog's SEO.
3. There are so many free and premium themes available for Wordpress that you can customize and modify your blog completely Are there.

Drawback of WordPress

1. Self-hosted WordPress blog every month you have to invest some money on hosting and domain.
2. The security of Wordpress is up to you which hosting plan you use and which plugins to keep the blog safe.

My recommendation is that first of all you create your blog on Blogspot if your blog runs well and gets Adsense approval, then you migrate that blog to WordPress.
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