How to Remove Blackheads Permanently?

How to Remove Blackheads Permanently?

Hello friends, welcome to my Blog, today we are going to talk about the How to Remove Blackheads Permanently?
Remove Blackheads Permanently
Remove Blackheads

Many people are troubled because of the oil on the face, so many people are troubled by the problem of blackhead. Many people use beauty products to get rid of blackhead problem. But just get rid of blackhead problem for some time with those beauty products. After a while, the problem of Blackhead again starts.

Blackhead problem

The beauty of the face worsens when there is a problem of blackhead. Also, the pimples are started on the face. Because of which many problems start to face on the face. That is why today we are going to tell you about a prescription that you can get rid of blackhead.

Ingredients for making prescription

Need of prescription. To make that recipe you will need only 2 things. Which is lemon and black salt. There are many such qualities in lemon that clean the dirt of the skin. In black salt, it has many properties, which helps in getting blackhead out of the skin.

How to make a prescription?

To make the prescription, first, grind black salt and make a paste by mixing lemon juice in that salt. After making the paste, apply the paste on your skin and dry it for 15 minutes. After that wash your face with cold water.

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