How to unlock your Android smartphone if it's locked

How to unlock your Android smartphone if it's locked

Hello friends, welcome to my Blog, today we are going to talk about the How to unlock your Android smartphone if it's locked. You often use some kind of screen lock on screen lock on a pattern to protect our Android smartphones such as PINs, passwords or data, or to prevent unauthorized access.
How to unlock your Android smartphone
unlock your Android smartphone

How to unlock your Android smartphone if it's locked

Experts always recommend using a Difficult password or pattern to guess by someone else, but sometimes it becomes difficult to remember that Difficult password because we can't easily find it. If you also face this problem, here's your preparation-use guide:

Method 1: Using Android Device Manager

1. Open myaccount.google.com find-your-phone-guide' on your PC or phone.

2. Now, login to your Google Account linked from your phone.

3. Once logged in, select your device to unlock it from that list.

4. On the next screen, select the 'Lock your phone' option.

5. Now, enter a new password to change your ancient PIN, pattern or password on your phone.

6. Click the 'Lock' button at the bottom.

7. Use your new password to go to your smartphone and unlock and set up your new screen lock.

Method 2: Use the 'Ok Google' voice match

If you've set up your Google Assistant correctly, you may have seen the option 'Unlock with voice' option. This feature works based on your pre-recorded voice. If this feature is turned on, you can just say 'Ok Google' to unlock your smartphone.

Method 3: For Samsung Users

If you are the usage of a Samsung smartphone synced with your Samsung account, observe these steps:

1. Open findmymobile.samsung.com and log in using the ID and password.

2. Choose the 'Unlock' option and confirm your account password to unlock your smartphone.

Method 4: For  Xiaomi Mi Users

If you forget your Xiaomi Phones PIN, Password and Pattern. It's very easy to unlock. Go to mi.com and click forget the password and you can easily access to your Xiaomi phone.

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