What is Developer Option in Android Smartphones

What is Developer Option in Android Smartphone

Hello friends, welcome to our Blog. Today we are going to talk about the Developer Option in Android Smartphones.
Developer Option in Android
Developer Option in Android Smartphones

Android settings have one secret menu called developer options. Why you know this, it gives some useful tools which are not accessible to normal mode.

What is the Use of This

5 Major functions inside of Developer option

  • Rooting your smartphone
  • Speed up some animations
  • Fake your device location
  • Speed up the high-end device
  • Record your screen activity
And much more...

Rooting Your Smartphone

There are tons of android phones available in the market but only a few companies allow to root your phone because rooting is highly complicated.

When you have root permission on your phone you unlock many features you may install custom ROMs on your phone.

Speed Up Animations

Developer Option in Android Smartphones
Developer Option

You see the animation settings like above screenshot which called Window animation, Transition animation, Animation duration you can change what your needs.

Speed Up High-end games

Developer Option in Android Smartphones
Developer Option in Android

You can enable this option to hit this button. It allows the high-end application which occupies the huge amount of storage. It forces the apps to perform well on your device.

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