10 Tips for Images Optimization

10 Tips for Images Optimization- A technique through which we optimize the image uploaded to our blog/website according to Web because Search Crawler cannot read / Web Images. So we have to optimize our image so that the search crawler can read our image and learn about our image. 10 Tips for Images Optimization.
10 Tips for Images Optimization
10 Tips for Images Optimization

Friends, to learn Image Optimization Techniques, we also have to know about some of the more important things, so that we can improve the image uploaded in our blog. So in today's article, we are telling you about 10 Tips for Images Optimization that will help you to understand Image Optimization well and use it to improve your Blog's Ranking.
Because Image is very important for our Blog Post. Through Image, we can make our Article more Attractive, Impressive, SEO Friendly.

10 Tips for Images Optimization

To optimize the image, we have to Focus on making our image according to our Blog and according to the Search Engine. About which we are telling you things in different Points. Image Optimization

01- Post Related Images

Whenever you create a new blog post, create an image according to your article which is related to your topic and justify your topic, because using Post related Images gives you more attention to your article. And can make informative.
A capability of clearing any topic well in an image is Capability. You can tell just what your Readers should read your topic about your topic only through the medium of an image.
When you create Related Images from your Topic, you can now also Gain Views through Social Image on Social Media so that you can always use Related Images for your topic.

02- Use Minimum Images Between the Article

Many times we use more than 1 image to better explain our topic or to make our topic more attractive.
Because the size of the images is more than the size of the text, so it takes too much time to load on the internet. Because of that, your page loads very slowly and your website's loading speed decreases.
Search Engine always keeps those websites at the top of the Search Result, which takes less time to load. So if you reduce the loading speed of your post, then Search Engine shows your article below in Search Result.
Because of which you can not find Traffic from Search Engine So you should always use just 1 image in your article. Only use more than 1 image if necessary.

03- Don’t use Copyrighted Images

When you download an image from the Internet, it is important that the image is from another website, if you upload the image of another website on your website, then the owner can claim the copyright claim on the website you have.
So your website is removed from the Internet. Therefore, you should never use Copyright Image on your website.
There are many such websites on the Internet that provide copyright images to you, you can download those images by customizing them according to your article so that you can upload that image to your website.

04- Compress your Blog Post Image Before Uploading

When you compress an image, the size of that image decreases. Because when you upload a Large Size Image to your website, due to being a Large size, it takes more time to load the image which means that your website's Loading Speed Slow becomes. There are so many free tools on the internet that with help you can compress your image in Free.

05- Image Format

Images are of different types and their formats are also different. So it is important for you to understand that you have to use the image of the format of your article.
You can use JPEG, PNG, JPG Images in your articles because the images of these formats are easy to customize and it is the BEST of SEO's Point of View.

06- Don’t Use Gif Images into your Article

With the help of Gif Images, you can increase the quality of your article very much but Gif Images is not SEO Friendly so you can not customize Gif Images according to Web.
If you want to use Gif Images, you must use 1 Image as well, but you can increase the Density of your Keyword.
Gif Images are as good as showing, they take too much time in loading. That is why we told you in the heading that you do not use Gif Images in your blog post.

07- Image Name

Just as we keep a title for our article, the same is the name of the images which we should always keep our main keyword.
When we use Images on our Main Keyword, then Search Crawler reads that name due to which it can understand our image and the Chances of our article coming up in Search Results increases.

08- Image Customization

Inside Image Customization, you can use your name, website name, Keyword and Tags on your image so that whenever someone uses your image, you just download that image and go to the Information section of that Image. You will know that it is your own in Image Real or that is the Same Image Create from that person.
You can use Photoshop, Canva, or MS Office to customize the image. From which you can customize the image according to your Blog Post.

09- All Tag Attribution

Alt Tag Attribution option is available in both Blogger and WordPress From which you can add your Target Keywords to your image. The most important thing for Image Optimization at Blog Post is that you can optimize Image on your blog.
After uploading the image to the blog, you click on the image and go to the Settings option, you get the option of Alt Tag Attribute. From which you can add the Alt attribute to your image.

10- Image Sitemap

Just as we create a Sitemap for indexing your blog on Search Engine, you use Image Sitemap to index images.
This will show the uploaded images on Google Images on your blog, as well as the Search Engine can easily find your image.

In Conclusion “10 Tips for Images Optimization”

With Image Optimization Techniques, you can upload images to your blog according to the Web according to which you have a Ranking Improve, so when you upload an image to your blog, implement all the above-mentioned things, It can be very beneficial.
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