How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free

How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free: Hello Friends In today's article we are about to tell you How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free. Friends, as you all know, today the Festival Wishing Website has a lot of Craze and many people are making money online by making such a website easily, so if you want to earn money online by making a Wishing Website, then this article It's going to be very useful to you.
How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free
How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free

Because in this article we are going to give you all the information about the Festival Wishing Website, such as what software you need to create a Wishing Website, where you can download Wishing Scripts Free and one What items do you have to enter in Wishing Script?
Let's start with starting- The first question is, What do you need for a Wishing Website?

Things need to Make Festival Wishing Website Free

01. Wishing Script

Like a Wishing Script Theme, like when you upload your website to a theme, your website completely changes and you get to see some new features.
Similarly, there is a Wishing script, but if there are different Scripts for all festivals, you can download these Scripts from the Internet or from our website.

02. Blogger Account

To create a website you must have a platform for which you can use Blogger because here you get free hosting and domain, and you can create your own blog in Free.

03. Non-Hosted Adsense Account

To add advertisements to the Wishing script, you use Google Adsense, here we will tell you to have a fully Approved Non-Hosted Adsense Account to place ads on the Wishing Website.

04. Google Analytics

It is used to track traffic on the website. With this, you can also see how many users are active in Exact Time on your website and where they live.

05. Required Software

To edit a Wishing script, you must have two software-
1. WinRAR- When you download any Wishing Script from Internet then you have a Zip file, which you have to Extract. You can use WinRAR software to do this work.
2. Notepad ++ - This software is used to edit Wishing Script so you can edit a script to URL, Analytics Code, Adsense Ads and more.

How to Make Festival Wishing Website Free

To create a Festival Wishing Website, you have to follow some Basic Steps-

Step 01. Download Wishing Script

First of all, if you want to create a Wishing Website for targeting the festival, download Wishing Script from that festival on the Internet.
On the Internet, you will find many websites that provide Wishing Scripts in Free, as well as you can download Wishing Scripts in the Free from the TechbyTK Website, for which you click on the Wishing script in the menu, and your All the Wishing Scripts will be available on our website before you can download them.

Step 02. Create a Free Blog

Now, first of all, you have to create a Free Blogger Blog, because in the Wishing Script first, you have to give your blog address, so first, you have to create a Free Blog so that you can get a blog URL.

Step 03. Open Wishing Script in Notepad++

Now it comes to editing Wishing Script, first of all, open the Wishing script in Notepad ++, for which you click Right Mouse on the Wishing script and click on the option with Open with Notepad ++.
This will open your Wishing Script in Notepad ++ and you will be able to easily edit that script.

Step 04. Replace Website URL

When you download any Wishing Script from Internet then a website URL is already given there, then firstly replace that URL with the URL of your website, so that the script is yours.

Step 05. Place your Google Analytics Code

To check Traffic Detail on the website, you must include the Google Analytics Code in the script which you see in the top of the script if you find the option to place Google Analytics Codes.

Step 06. Place your Google Adsense Ads Code

After this, you place your Adsense Ads in Script, for which you must first check that the Ads Size in the script is given, according to which you can create an Ad Unit and place your Ads in the Wishing Script.

In Conclusion:

Festival Wishing Website is a very useful way of earning in Short Time, then you must use it so that you will be able to get your Adsense payment as quickly as possible and also create Extra Income.
Hopefully after reading this article and you have probably learned to edit Wishing Script, if you still have any confusion in this topic then you must tell us at the Comment Box and don't forget to follow my Google+ Account.

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