What is Micro Niche Blogging? and How to Create Micro Niche Blog?

Micro Niche Blogging: Hello Friend's In today's article we will talk about Micro Niche Blogging about what it is, how to make a Micro Niche Blog and how to earn money from it.
What is Micro Niche Blogging? and How to Create Micro Niche Blog?
Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blogging

Friends, as you might have heard about blogging and you will also be doing blogging, if you want to create a blog which you have to work on less and you can earn more money then you should start Micro Niche Blogging.
Because in this blogging you have to do very little work and in just 1-2 days, you are ready with your full blog. But the question is, what is Micro Niche Blogging?
To understand well enough, we first divide this entire word, like Micro Niche (you can understand it as a category or a small topic) + Blogging (Post Create on a Topic) Now get both of them together So Micro Niche Blogging means to create a blog on a small or particular topic is called Micro Niche Blogging.

How to Create Micro Niche Blog?

As you all know, Blogger is the best blog to create and if you want to create a little Advance Blog whose look is absolutely professional, then you can use WordPress.
Let's Step by Step understand how to create a Micro Niche Blog and what things you need to do-

01. Select Niche & Domain Name

To make any blog you have to have a Topic, now for Micro Niche Blogging, you should make a small topic like you can make related to the product or service of a company where the company's goods Get.
We can tell you that you may have to create a lot of posts made when you create Related Blog from the stuff, but it can be the best Topic for Online Earning.
Note: Before you select any topic, you must see some things, like-
  • How much is the competition on that topic?
  • How much are that Topic's Searches?
  • Whether or not she is Keyword Ranking on any popular Websites
  • Who is your competitor?
After selecting Topic, you will need to see whether the Related Domain Name is available or not, here we give you that it is not necessary for Micro Niche Blogging that you have com Extension, you can take any Extension.
All you have to do is keep in mind that all your keywords are coming to your domain. Simultaneously, do not justify Free Domain Name.

02. Keyword Research & Content Planning

Researching Keyword is very important for any Blog to rank on Search Engine, so first, you have to take a look at the CPC and Competition of the Keyword you are going to work on, then you can also add Alternative Keywords Check it out.
That is, you should research all the keywords that are added to your blog. From there you have an idea that you have to do work on your blog from Type.
After Keyword Research you can plan the content, what pages will be on your blog, which posts, what type of images you have to use, and what type of video you need, all the things you already have to analyze Take it.

03. Setting Up your Micro Niche Blog

After seeing and understanding all of the above-mentioned things, now you have to create a blog for which you can use Blogger and WordPress.
If you want to keep your blog's Design Simple, you can use Blogger, but if you want to create a website like a website that looks almost the same, you can use WordPress.

How much can it cost to create a Micro Niche Blog?

Let's understand how much you may have to spend on these two platforms to create a Micro Niche Blog. First of all, we talk about Blogger.

Spending on creating a Micro Niche Blog on Blogger

Blogger is a service provided by Google and if it is free, you can say that you will be able to create your own blog in free but for Micro Niche Blogging, you will need to purchase a Custom Domain related to your Keyword, which will give you Rs. 150 to Rs. 700 will be easily available.
Now it comes to Design of Website, for this you will need a Custom Template, which gives you $ 20 to $ 40. Now if you convert it to Rupee then you get a Template Rs. 1400 to Rs. Can come up to 3000.
To make a Micro Niche Blog on Blogger, you need to spend at least Rs. 2000.

Spending on creating Micro Niche Blog on WordPress

What is the cost of making a Micro Niche Blog for WordPress on Micro Niche Blogging? Firstly, to create a blog on WordPress, you will need to Purchase Hosting for which you may have to spend at least Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000. Similarly, you may have to spend Rs 150 to Rs 700 for the domain.
The third important thing is the theme which you can easily get from $ 20 to $ 70. But because you have to create a Micro Niche Blog, you can also work with Free Themes. Thus, to create a Micro Niche Blog on WordPress, you have 150+ domain + 2000 (Theme) Optional = 6650 Total expenditure, but if you use Free Theme, then you create a Micro Niche Blog. Rs. 2150 only comes.
With this, you can understand that you can do Long Time Earning by investing a little in which you do not need to spend much.

Backlink Building & Promotion

After making any website it is very important to rank it on the search engine for which you need backlinks.
With this, now you can talk about Promotion, promoting any blog, you can make a good traffic increase on your blog because through promotion, you can tell people about your website.
You can use Text, Images, Videos and Gif Images to promote any website. Just like if you want to promote your website on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Text & Images is the best option for you.
Similarly, if you want to promote your website through video, then Facebook and YouTube are the best options for you.
Just like you can create different types of content on different platforms, promote your website easily and can increase traffic.

Monetization for Micro Niche Blogging

After doing all these things, now it is a matter of earning from the website so that you can monetize your website. For which Google Adsense and Media.net are the best. But if you are creating a website of 4-5 pages then you must have an Approved Adsense Account already.
Now if you are having problems getting Adsense Approval, then once you read our Article How To Apply For AdSense Within One Day In Blogger and you will definitely get Approval. With this, you can also use other Advertisement Programs.
This will bring advertisements to your website and you will start earning due to those ads. In this way, you will be able to earn money from your Micro Nich Blog.

In Conclusion of Micro Niche Blogging

Micro Niche Blogging is becoming very popular today in the field of Blogging, and many people are also making good online earnings by creating a Micro Niche Blog, so if you are in the field of Blogging then you must own a Micro Niche Blog. Create so that you can easily increase your online earnings.
Now if you have any confusion in the topic of Micro Niche Blogging, then you must tell us in the Comment Box and don't forget to follow my Google+ Account.

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