How to unblock link on Facebook and Why links Blocks

Unblock link on Facebook: Hello Friend's In today's article, we are going to tell you that you How to unblock link on Facebook, which can be promoted by sharing your Blog Post or Website URL Links on Facebook again.
How to unblock link on Facebook and Why links Blocks
unblock link on Facebook

Unblock link on Facebook

Friends, as you all know, to promote traffic to the website and to bring traffic from Social Media, you do daily Promote your website on Facebook, but many times Facebook blocks your website as a Spammer. Can not promote the website on Facebook.
In such a situation, if you want to unblock your website again, then you must read the full article and follow all the steps so that after 24 Hours, your website will be unlocked on Facebook and you will be redirected to your website again. Promote on Facebook.

How to unblock link on Facebook Step by Step Process

When Facebook blocks your website, then neither you can share the Home Page of your website on Facebook nor the Blog Post and Pages, in this case, you have to unlock your website's homepage on Facebook.
For which you have to go to Facebook's Help section and go to the Blocks Page and send a message to the Facebook team that your blog is not a Spammer and you are not breaking their Terms & Conditions so that they will review your website and your Unblock the website.
Let us tell you already, that if you were spamming in Real, Facebook will not unlock your website at all, but if you are a Normal Blogger and you are not breaking the policy in any way then 100% of your Blog / Website will be unlocked.
Now the question is how will you get a Facebook Block form and how do you apply it? The answer to this question is giving us Step by Step to unblock link on Facebook.

Step 01. Facebook Block Page

First, you open Facebook Block Page.

Step 02. Write a Short Note for Facebook Team

After you open Facebook Block Page, you have to write a message to the Facebook team in which you have to tell about your website, you have to type Notes in English itself.

For Example: Hello Facebook Team!
I’m Glad to know that your Team takes action against Spam, Malware, Recently I have seen that My Link (https://www.example.com) has been Blocked.
I don't go against your Security so Place Unblock my Website.
Thank You Facebook Team.

You can write this type of message and write in the "Place Explain why you think this is an Error" box given on Facebook Block Page and click on the Send Button.

Step 03. Wait for Review

The Facebook Team will check your website after reading your message and will unlock if it is found correct, this process takes 24 Hours to 48 Hours. After that your Blog / Website becomes Unlock and you can post again.

Why Facebook Blocks your Links

If you understand this problem and take some precautions then your website's URL in the future will not block Facebook, let's know about some reasons-

01. Sharing a single post several times

Many times you share the same post on your Facebook page many times, due to the fact that your post's URL is Same, Facebook thinks you are spamming.
Therefore, only if you need to share your same link again on Facebook, but better than that, just edit and paste the old post, so that your followers can easily see those posts or links.

02. Sharing more

Many times you publish many Blog Posts in a single day and share all those posts on Facebook Page, due to which the URL of your homepage assumes that it is a website like Auto blogging and Spam Still working. Because of which Facebook also blocks your website.

03. Sharing from Groups

We all share the post to groups in order to promote both our Blog Post and Facebook Page from our page, but if you share posts to more than one group, then even Facebook assumes that you do Spamming And block your website.

04. Do not respond to messages

Facebook Page Community is a way to build or interact with your fans so that you can contact other people without identifying yourself, but sometimes we ignore the messages coming to our page, Because of this, Facebook assumes that you are promoting just your website and not just answering the Followers. Which means you are spamming and Facebook blocks your website.

05. Do not do other activity

Facebook Page is used to sharing photos, videos, and links, but bloggers use it only and only to share the latest posts of your website, from which Facebook considers your website as Spamer and blocks it is.

In Conclusion

After reading How to unblock link on Facebook and Why links Blocks you may have understood why Facebook blocks your website and how you can unlock it again.
Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you and you can unlock your website/blog on your Facebook page. Now if you have any questions on this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box and don't forget to follow my Google+ Account Thank you.

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