Top 10 Blogging Mistake New Blogger Make

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes: Guys In today's article, we are going to tell you about 10 blogging mistakes that Normal All New Bloggers do. So if you are just new to Blogging then read this article carefully.
Top 10 Blogging Mistake New Blogger Make
Top 10 Blogging Mistake New Blogger Make

Blogging Mistakes

As you all know, today a lot of people in the field of Blogging are new and want to earn online by blogging but because of not having the right information, they start blogging but after some time they leave blogging. Because he can not earn as much earning as other people are doing or telling.
Due to lack of information and some mistakes, so in today's article, we are going to tell you about Top 10 Blogging Mistakes. Which will help you greatly in blogging and fixing your blogging?

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes

01. Wrong Topic

Most people in the blogging field think that Wrong Topic means creating a blog on Topic which does not have Searches, which is correct but truly Wrong Topic means Competition.
Today, if we find Tech Blogs, then only 1000+ Blogs are available in the Hindi Language, which is Daily New Topics Publish, but even after this, all New Bloggers just want to be technical, hence their Blogging Career started It ends before it happens.
That's why you create a blog on a topic that has a Searches but Competition will be reduced, because then you can get the Audience and you can earn money from Blogging.

02. Wrong Language Selection

Language is the most important in the Blogging field because that's why your blog rank and your connection connects with the people. But many times people write their blog in Hinglish language instead of Hindi or English.
This will make your blog rank, but only for those who search for things in Hinglish. If you also write Blog in Hinglish, then we tell you two important things.

Google Search Result

In Google's Search Result, you see options for English and Hindi results, so that your Hinglish Blog shows only those people who search Post in Hinglish. Like Blog Kaise Banaye, but if you write Blog in Hindi then your blog will not only show on this keyword but will also show on How to Create Blog in Hindi, then you thought how much you missed the Traffic.

Hindi Typing Facility on Mobile

On the other hand today, most of the topics are used to read Mobile Phones, for which they get the option of writing in Hindi, or they search Topics by Speak (speaking). Hinglish Blogs do not show up in Result.
These are two important Points due to which Hinglish Blogs do not rank today or they can not get the same traffic as they work harder.

03. No Writing Practice

Writing blogs or writing on any topic is easy for everyone to listen to, but when he writes a blog, all the New Bloggers' Minds are just how fast their post is completed and they publish it.
Now, for this reason, he keeps his article very small and does not write important things in his post, the result is that neither his post rank nor any user visit can get it right and complete information, She does not like to visit your blog again.
The second important thing is that due to lack of practice you feel like blogging boring and cannot write your blog post in the right way. That's why you need to practice first and then start blogging.

04. Doing Keyword Research

Keyword Research is Blogging and you can not blogging without Keyword Research, because only Keyword Research shows you how many searches are on Monthly how much you are going to write Post, how much Competition is, and how much you CPC.  Therefore, before you write the post, do the Keyword Research course, so that you can get more traffic along with more traffic and you can earn more earnings.

05. Not writing the right title

Many people do not know the importance of Title, or they do not want to write Title because of which they just leave important words and keywords. While you should not do this at all, because your title is very important for the user, he gets information about the post from your title.
So you always keep thinking of title in which you put your keywords first and then those words that tell the user about your article because only then the user will visit your blog. Let's understand this with an example.
Let's talk about this article. Let us give you two titles here and you decide by deciding which title is more attractive.
Top 10 Blogging Mistakes in English Complete Tutorial
Top 10 Blogging Mistakes: All of the New Bloggers Do
Top 10 Blogging Mistakes: Do not Make These Mistakes Unlikely

Here the three titles represent our article and the two are the best in the three such as Top 10 Blogging Mistakes: All New Bloggers do and Top 10 Blogging Mistakes: Do not Make These Blunders.
Here the third title will be more like it but it is better than just for social media, but for the second Title Search Result, because Blogging Mistakes will only search New Bloggers, so most people will also use the new Blogger Word when searching, by We can get All Time Traffic.
So before writing an article, write two-three titles and understand what people can use and what words are used by searching, which will show you on your 1st post and you will get good traffic.

06. Sharing an Experience or Example

In many blog posts, they write only the necessary things which only complete their article and the user understands all the things, but there is no connection between you and the user, because of which he does not remember your blog, Result does not visit it again on your blog.
But if you give Experience and Example in your Post, then User is easy to understand and it stops at your blog for a long time. Along with this, she also likes the way to tell you so that she regularly makes your blog.

07. No information about SEO

Writing and ranking articles is both different things, so if you do not know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you can not rank your blog, Therefore, before you start blogging, take full knowledge of SEO on Page SEO and Off Page SEO, which will help you not only write Blog Post but also get good ranking. Result You will have an Audience and your day rising on Earning day Will go.

08. Do not Promote Content

Content Promotion does not mean Social Share, almost all New Bloggers publish the Blog Post when they share a lot on social media and expect them to get a good result, but only 100 or 200 in real Get more than 500 Clicks.
So the question is what content promotion is and how to do it? In simple words, unless a user finds your content important, it does not click on it because your content does not matter to him, because you are not presenting your content properly.
Therefore, you should first create some short content that will increase the interest of people and then link them.
For example, YouTube, Facebook, and UC News are the people who are most active on these sites, you get the audience, now it is interesting. So everyone likes to watch videos, especially the small videos. Create a video in which you show your Blog Post in Video and tell about Topic in Audio.
As a result, your content will reach as many people as possible and you will also get the right audience, in the same way, you can promote your content on different sites and get Genuine Traffic.

09. Depend on Adsense only

Many New Bloggers are Earning for Depending on Google Adsense only, they do not use too many methods and do not earn much money. That's why you first find ways to earn money by using your blogs like Affiliate Marketing, Guest Posting, and Sponsorship. Because if you adopt these methods, your earnings will also increase and you will find new ways in which you will be able to earn more money.

10. Build your community

New bloggers never take interest in creating a community, so that new people are not in touch with them nor are they the result of old bloggers when they create a new blog or a new post, they do not have the regular audience with whom they Share that post and those people visit their post.
Therefore, as soon as you start blogging, you should contact with other bloggers and talk to them from time to time, talk about New Audience, then you should know about their problems and ask them about your post. What should they have liked your latest post or what was not what they liked in the post?
This will help you understand how to improve your blog and people will also like you because you give importance to their point of view. That's why create your own community that will get you many benefits.

In Conclusion

We have kept the Top 10 Blogging Mistakes article a bit longer but this article is very useful to you and you will be able to read many ideas by reading this article, then you must pay attention to these things, and Improve Your Blogging Earning as much as possible.
If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends on Social Media and what topic you want an article please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you.

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