What is Spam Comment and How to Identify a Spam Comment

What is spam comment?

What is Spam Comment and How to Identify a Spam Comment
What is Spam Comment and How to Identify a Spam Comment
Spam Comments are those in which the wrong language or incorrect word has been used. Apart from this, spam comments are also those which have been inserted into a fake link or more than one link has been inserted. Besides, if a comment has been made repeatedly, then that comment is also considered as a spam comment.

Loss of spam comment

If you do not pay attention to the spam comment and increase the spam comment on your website, then the popularity of your website decreases and your website goes back to the search result and if the spam comments are too much Your website search result may also come off. Spam comments do not harm your website only. If you have a YouTube channel or a Facebook page and spam comments come on them, they also suffer from the same way as any website does. Come on or come off. If the website or YouTube channel closes in the search result, your traffic will either stop or be too low and if traffic decreases then your earnings will also be closed and you will reach the same level from where you started did. So now you can get an idea of how much damage you might get from a spam comment

How to recognize spam comments?

Whenever someone knows what a spam comment is and what can be the damage to a spam comment, then their next question is how will we know which comment is spam comment and which statement is not a spam comment? So below we have identified some of the spam comments that you can recognize by entering the spam comment and knowing which comments are spam.

1.) The comment in which an incorrect language or any incorrect word has been used is a spam comment such as abusive speech, abusive speech.

2.) The comment under which more than one link is entered or links to an incorrect website, it is a spam comment. Some links are such that are put behind a word and some links are inserted directly. But no matter how many links are in the link, it will be treated as a spam comment. In addition to those comments which do not need to add a single link and if any link is inserted in them, they are also spamming comments such as somebody thanks, Nice, Good thing to say or else there is no ordinary comment in which there is no need to add any link and if any link is added to that comment, then that comment is also considered as a spam comment. But if yes, if you ask a question in the comment, more than one link can be inserted but that too when needed. So we can not say such a comment to a spam comment. But here too you have to take care of some points. The question in which the link is not needed is not linked. Apart from this, there should also be no link to an illegal website. If a link is added to the illegal website, then that too is a spam comment.

3.) A comment that is not related to your content i.e. that is not related to your video, post or article, which is written solely to promote something or to promote something, then it is a spam comment. Like if your video, post or article is over the internet, and inside someone is commenting for shopping or telling someone ways to earn money or writing something that will be sent to your video, post or article. If you do not have to take anything far and away, then such comments are spam comments.

4.) If a comment has been made more than once, then it is also a spam comment. As if to say that someone is repeatedly doing the same comment or doing it in a piece, then the comment is also a spam comment.

5.) If any comment has been made in other languages, then it may also be a spam comment. Let's say if someone comments in a language that you do not know or which language you can not understand, then such a comment can also be a spam comment because you do not know that he has a comment So what is written in this case is to accept such comments as a spam comment, in which a language has been used which you do not.

6.) The comment in which the contact information is given is also considered as a spam comment. As someone has written a mobile number or email ID in the comment, that too is a spam comment.

How to Avoid Spam Comments?

The only way to avoid spam comments is to delete the spam comment. The best way to avoid the loss of spam comments is to stop spam comments on your website, youtube channel or Facebook page before it becomes public, i.e. should be deleted before it becomes public. If any spam comment goes wrong, it should be deleted as soon as possible.

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